(Half DAy tour)

season 2018 

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Taking the bikes from Chinon to Candes St. Martin combining the french post office bikes with the vineyards, the Vienne river and the beauty of Candes-Saint-Martin . A must that you'll never forget.

Level: EASY. (all day tour, included time to make a pic-nic, visit Candes-Saint-Martin, the beach of the Loire & Vienne, and a wine tasting in a traditional cellar) 

Private Tour:  Couple 95 €.  Three people or more 35 € per person.  Kids in bike-trailer, 25 €. 

Starting: 10:00 am, back to Chinon 16:00 hs.

Cycling The Loire Valley

​Retro French Style

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the charms of the vienne, CANDES-Saint-MARTIN


Françoise Rabelais was a major French Renaissance writer, doctor, humanist, monk and Greek scholar . We follow his steps from Chinon to his museum in Seuilly cycling. 

Level: EASY. 4-5 hs (included time to make pic-nic and visit the Rabelais museum)

Private Tour : Couple 85 €, 3 people or more 30 € each. 12 ex-french post office bikes availables.  Kids in bike-trailer 20 €

Starting: 13:00 hs, going back to Chinon 17:00 hs.






Guided bike tours with vintage bikes formerly used by the French Post Office to deliver the mail.

(guides speaks English, Spanish, French and a bit of german)

With Elo Bike Tours  we attempt to show how this place has been taking people's breath away for centuries with the incredible beauty of their landscapes and the castles, the art, the culture, their wines and their people. The Loire Valley is the perfect place in the world to discover cycling and be in contact with nature while having fun with a vintage french touch. 

Martín Ignacio Elola, founder.


Register Tourist Guide, France.

BIKING, TRADITION, "La loire à vélo", DISCOVER & Fun!